Taxes Plus

Client Testimonials


We have just completed 4 months on this journey to a successful existence in cyberspace! I could not be happier!

Taxes Plus LLC has enabled me to free up needed office space, more effectively add a higher level of efficiency and expertise related to accounting issues, focus more on the task at hand versus the need to manage a whole accounting department, and exercise greater control over all facets of the accounting area.  

I forgot to mention that I also save money! 

The only frustration is that I didn't make this change earlier. 

I have access to Taxes Plus LLC and Their services all in my office. On a work table less than ten feet from my desk, I have the computer set up for your network access to the QuickBooks program for Taxes Plus LLC to accomplish  accounting work for my business interests. On a credenza less than six feet from my desk I have the printer where Taxes Plus LLC prints First National Realty check. The ability to control every function is in my physical domain and an email away!  

Taxes Plus LLC response is more efficient than me walking down the hall and finding a convenient time to request my needs to the accounting department, waiting for my request to pass through the appropriate hands to get all that I need done. All I do instead is Email Taxes Plus LLC the requested task and within 5 minutes it is accomplished! Talk about efficiency. 

Whether entry accounting on my QuickBooks through the Internet network access, online banking functions which Taxes Plus LLC can access, tax related issues, or a casual smiley face and a LOL, the interaction is excellent and efficient. I would never turn back! 

Thank you for being a part of my business world and making a difference for me.

 I have a residential real estate business with 2 offices and over 250 agents. Plus 4 related businesses.  

***I am so into this that I will gladly take a phone call or email to express my satisfaction with anyone who may be exploring a similar relationship with your service company.***

- Larry Mayall
First National Realty, Inc



 Taxes Plus LLC brought a fresh, new perspective and strong analytical skills to our company. Their thinking is first-rate and I found their work to be of the highest caliber. I appreciate all the one on one attention we receive on a daily basis. 

-Ray Menasco, Futons and Beds
 Salt Lake City, Utah



 I am impressed with Taxes Plus LLC customer service and accounting knowledge. I didn’t think someone could come in and provide guidance on making my bookkeeping system more efficient. I was surprised when I received great advice that has cut my cost overall by 30%. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Taxes Plus LLC. 

-John Briar, JB Designs Inc.
 Denver, Colorado



We've got our taxes prepared through Taxes Plus this year. We are very impressed with the quality of service provided to us at Taxes Plus. It's truly superlative. We only wish we had known about this great company years ago; we would have saved so much. This is one more blessing in our lives. Stephanie, we commend your excellent skills and customer service. Thank you ever so much!

-Mona Fazzina
 Littleton, Colorado